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You Get More in the Picture

Clio Yawning This is the first official shot taken with my new "second-best" camera, bought as a kind of birthday present to myself. I wanted something really small that I could carry around with me everywhere. I love my Rebel, but no one could say it was light, easy to carry, or unobtrusive.

The title of my post comes from a particularly banal comment made by the young salesperson. He hadn't quite twigged yet to the fact that I actually know something about cameras and photography. He showed me one camera, and said what was particularly nice about that one was that it had a wide angle lens so that you got "more in the picture." That falls somewhere in the range of "turn it up to 11" - don't you think?

I ended up buying a Sony Cybershot, mostly because it has a 5X zoom and a Zeiss lens. I'm a sucker for good glass. And no, it's not the one with the handy wide-angle lens.
Tags: cameras, clio, photography

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