the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Sunday Doings

I've had a pleasant day today. I'm feeling generally betterTM, beginning to come out of the depression caused by Cholmondeley's death and general ickiness of things lately. Slept through the night for two straight nights, which can only be good.

This morning I woke relatively early but lolled about for awhile, then marked a few blogs. I joined Twitter yesterday, which may be another time sink, or may be something cool; I haven't decided yet. But I think it's quite fun. So I caught up with my Tweets, as well as, of course, reading LJ. After webbing for a while, I made some awesome mushroom soup, and took Robinson for a nice long walk down on the Westsong Way. There, I met and chatted with a pleasant camera geek, which was fun. I came home for lunch - the soup, obviously, and Sasquatch bread from Save-on-foods and cheese. Then it was off to the Cinecenta for "I'm Not There" with lidocafe. This was engrossing and entertaining (will post more later).

Home, and some wine and a pork loin in the oven. Will eat said pork with asparagus and salad. Evening's entertainment will be either a Buffy or Veronica Mars, haven't quite decided yet.

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