the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

imdb meme redux

Here are the unguessed movies from the previous meme. I've supplied one more quote from each one:

1. X; All this trouble for a comb?
Y: It's mine. It means a lot to me. A barbarian like you wouldn't understand.
X: I can use it to pick fleas from my horse.
majrgenrl8 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

12. X: You shaved your legs!
Y: You're the biggest blabber mouth.
X: You didn't tell me!
Y: I don't have to tell you everything!
Z: A little louder girls, some people in the balcony can't hear you.

15. X: What day is this?
Y: It's Wednesday... eh, it's Tuesday, I think.
X: Think the tide's with us?
Y: Keep kicking.
X: I used to hate the water...
Y: I can't imagine why.
wendymc Jaws

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