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I Can Haz Fire

The other day, I had my furnace chimney swept, and while I had the guy here I asked him to take a look at my fireplace chimney, too. For some reason, I was under the impression that the damper was broken, or stuck in the shut position, or something. So he had a look, and to my surprise the damper opened, and though sooty and dusty, there is nothing wrong with my chimney. He swept it, and cleaned it, and - lo! I can have a fire in my fireplace.

There's something so cheering about a fire on a damp, chilly, winter's night.

Tonight I'm going to try some new apple ale, and have cold pork loin and salad and a baked potato for supper, and a little treat for dessert (THANK YOU, Mr. bakery clerk for saying "Only one??" and pointing out what a sad middle-aged spinster I am being alone on Valentine's day. Well a pox on that, I say.) I took my furry loved one out for a nice walk this afternoon, and we shall curl up in front of the fire and he will chomp on a bone and I will sip apple ale and maybe watch a dvd if I can decide on what to watch!

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