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Evening Walk

My mum always wanted her supper on the dot of 6:00 pm and also liked us to sit together beforehand with a little drink and the pre-taped Coronation St episode, all of which meant that I usually had to start preparing supper at around 4:30 in order to have it either cooking or ready to go by 5:00 so that it could be on the table at 6:00. One of the luxuries I enjoy since she died is that of eating later, or whenever, or not at all, getting more things done in the late afternoon, so that when I stop I can unwind completely, drink wine, watch a dvd.

A new ritual is taking the dogs, now dog, out for a walk when I get home from work. This is nice for both of us. I do this pretty much rain or shine, and in the dark in the deep of winter. Robinson has a little light I can put on his collar which helps him to show up as we walk on the street, and lets me see him if we go somewhere I can let him off leash.

Yesterday, as we walked through the neighbourhood at about 5:30 I was struck by how light it still was. We walked to Summit Park, where the old reservoir is, and there were sheets of crocuses blooming, glimmering softly in the last rays of the sun (as an aside, I'm amazed that the "friends of Garry Oak" society have allowed them to continue blooming there, them being an Introduced Species and all...). Alien or not, they are beautiful. We walked down the hill towards Topaz Park, which is a bigger park near where my house is, and passed a child playing in her garden, two other dog walkers, someone mowing his lawn. As we walked, I could smell people's suppers cooking. I love that: mmm curry; oh, someone's having steak; hmmm, smells like garlic and ginger - must be Asian food, yum.

And then it was home, and food for Robinson, and wine and supper for me.
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