the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Dulce Domum

It was lidocafe's moving day today. She has now escaped from her old flat, rats, obnoxious rich doctor landlord and all, and is now the proud owner of a very plush condo on the border of Fernwood and Oak Bay. It took all of about an hour to move her stuff - there were so many willing helpers. We had the stalwarts of the film club - superfoo, Eli, and Greg, plus a couple of other colleagues from work and her daughter's father all helping out and it seemed like no time before we were perched in her living room amidst a chaos of boxes and empty bookshelves. We had pizza and beer and a bottle of champagne to toast the new home, and it was fun.

Here's wishing lidocafe every possible happiness in her new home!

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