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Scholarly Pleasures

I spent a happy afternoon at the UVic library. I know to those on my flist who are in degree studies, "happy time in the library" doesn't sound very likely, but I haven't done any really serious work for ages and I got a nice buzz from being there.

After a great deal of deliberation by a posse of librarians, research librarians and the Supervisor, it transpires that We Who Teach at Camosun are entitled to an "Associate" card, which means we effectively get, for free, the same borrowing privileges that a UVic student has. It turns out that they also have a lovely feature - "Netlink for the day" - which allows you to show ID, sign a form, and get access to all their restricted online databases. Of course, we have some database subscriptions at Camosun, but UVic's are better. They have the MLA, which for English is the best.

It didn't take me long to find four useful articles, which I emailed to myself in .pdf and are now nesting in "Scrivener," the book by Henry Jenkins on fandom that I'd been wanting, and the entire UVic collection of collected articles on Buffy (that sounds like a lot, actually three volumes). I probably won't need all of them but I was just so fascinated that I had to bring them home.

It pleases me that as far as I can tell there is very little scholarship on what I'm doing, and No One has done anything exactly like what I'm doing in any area. So that means a) that I don't have mounds of things to wade through and b) I'm obviously breaking new ground.

Yes, I know, the conference is in less than two weeks time, but a lot of what I'm putting in this article is straight out of my dissertation - I just need some recent stuff and some examples. My students would no doubt be very pleased to discover that I do everything at the last minute, too. (doesn't everyone?)

I don't have a scholar icon. I shall have to think of a suitable theme and make one.

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