the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
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Home Again, Home Again, jiggetty jig

I wish it didn't take all of about 10 hours of travelling to accomplish effectively about a 3 hour trip, but what with all the hanging about at airports, that's what it boils down to. Anyway, Robinson and I are once again chez moi.

I had a good time in SF, and feel a bit depressed at the prospect of going back to work, quite honestly. It was pleasant to feel a sense of adventure, of the possibilities of scholarship, and a bit dreary to remember that I'm after all 52 years old and not like to make much impact on the scholarly world at this point, nor any more at my college thanks to the situation being what it is.

Then again, I'm reminded of brisingamen who turns 49 today and is just finishing her FIRST degree - this provides hope to middle-aged dreamers everywhere :)

Yesterday, I did some touristy things and visited my aged aunt, which was nice, if also a bit bitter-sweet because she's nearly 90 and needed reminding who I was and that both my parents have been dead for some time and who knows when or if I'll see HER again. Nevertheless.

I was extremely fortunate and saw a poster for the Annie Leibowitz travelling exhibit "A Life in Photographs" which I'd read about and thought I'd never have a chance to see - but I DID! It was on at a museum not far from where my aunt lives, so I went. It was marvellous. I love her work anyway, but it was quite remarkable to see her family snapshots and the very poignant ones of her partner Susan Sontag.

The evening was a showing of the "final cut" of Bladerunner, which I've seen about five times before, but this time I realized is actually not a terribly good movie, but is still amazing for its style. We should have included it in our Noir nights. It was strange to see Edward James Olmos playing a pseudo-oriental, and to see Harrison Ford when he was still young and not a very good actor, and Sean Young (whatever happened to Sean Young?). In the raffle afterwards I won a copy of I think the new Sandman, anyway a Sandman in hardcover with the plastic wrapping still on. Rather nice.

Oh well. Tomorrow I have so much work to do it's not funny. But Robinson was pleased to see me, anyway.

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