July 2nd, 2005


Who dies?

I wish somehow reviewers and advance publicity types could keep absolutely quiet about the death of major characters in new novels. I'm currently reading the latest novel by one of my favourite mystery writers, in which I know already one of the main characters is going to be killed off at the end. This adds a curious dimension to the reading of the novel - trying to "second guess" which character you are reading about now will not survive... Then there's the fear that it'll be your particular favourite. And the desire to flip to the end is ALMOST irresistible - like trying not to eat those chocolates or smoke one more cigarette. I've managed by the most intense strength of will not to do that, but it's hard!

Then, of course, there's all the speculation about HP6. This is the third time now that we've had advance notice of the death of another character. My money's on a Dursley... not Ron, I think, but one of them.

Don't worry, by the way. Even when I've finished my mystery novel, or HP6 when it comes, I won't tell.
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