July 12th, 2005


Harry Potter fiasco

You may have heard of the ridiculous situation that happened in my neck of the woods - 14 copies of the latest HP were sold by accident at a BC Great Canadian Superstore! Raincoast Press applied for, and got, a court injunction forbidding any of the buyers from divulging any plot details and also offered somewhat feeble bribes (signed bookplates, other unspecified freebies) to anyone who returned their copies. Somewhat unsurprisingly, only a very few people took them up on it - I think I would have held out for at least a phone call from JKR herself... What amazes me is the incredible stupidity of all the people who must have handled those copies of the books - what are we talking about here - packers, pricers, stockers, the people who actually put them on the shelves, the checkout people... didn't ANYONE twig that this was that book that has been in ALL the newspapers, on ALL the television news programs. Unfortunately, it's rather a commentary on the fact of how few people actually read the newpapers, or watch the news. Perhaps? But don't you wish you'd been in that store at just the right time? I do! Can't wait till Saturday :)