July 21st, 2005


HP read at last

Okay, I'm a slow reader - just can't gulp down a book at one sitting the way I could when I was twelve :) She (JKR) has a way of making the last few chapters of a book redeem
everything that has gone before, but I found this whole book much
tighter and generally more sophisticated - perhaps that's the "post
9/11" effect that people are talking about, or just a reflection of the darker, more mature tone of the book, or the characters. Certainly an improvement on 5 and I can't wait
for 7. Still too many adverbs, and even two episodes of using capital letters
to indicate shouting is two too many. And I wish (don't flame me!) I
liked Harry better. Everyone in the book (except Snape and Harry's obvious enemies) telling me how wonderful Harry is isn't enough to sell me on him, I'm afraid. I love Snape. Snape is cool; can't wait to find out how it's all going to turn out...
I'm going to weigh in with my ideas on some of the
central controversies. Collapse )