October 27th, 2005

little my

Grump. Whinge. Moan

I have too many essays to mark. My hip hurts. A lot. Technological failure mostly beyond my control meant wasting 20 minutes of class when my students should have been discussing Spenser and I felt like a fool. Again. I'm tired. Robinson - my younger beardie - is nearing a nervous breakdown because of Halloween fireworks, and there's still ... how many? ... days to go. Still too many goddamn essays to mark. Still tired. Cloning myself would be a great thing! Until then... still tired.
caped dog

On a lighter note...

Deer and elk and ...aurochs? and... beavers? Oh my! My friend KP sent me this link to a story about conservation schemes to replace presently unviable or uneconomical farmland with land populated by "rewilded" animals in England's green and pleasant lands. Many Canadians can attest (national symbol notwithstanding) that they may regret the beavers when the busy little guys start damming everything in sight. No plans are afoot to reintroduce wolves or bears, apparently, as these creatures are considered too frightening... too bad, I say, as one would think howling in the wilds of Wales or Scotland would add loads of atmosphere!