March 5th, 2006

caped dog

Oscar Crash

Well, it was all very predictable, except the best picture. I'm not sure how I feel about it - I saw "Crash" and wasn't overwhelmed... found it cliched. "yeah, I get it, we're racist. Okay. I get it. Yeah, got it. Don't keep on about it." I think I might have been happier if "Brokeback" had won, as everybody had expected. Because what I think now is that there was a blitz of dvd promotions for "Crash" that pushed it over the top. Oh well. Whoever said the Oscars meant anything anyway?? I would have liked Heath Ledger to have won Best Actor. Oh well. What it seemed was that there was no real front runner like in previous years. Or that the whole thing is meaningless... AND I got all the answers on my Oscar pool right EXCEPT best picture. Shit. (Glad about the penguins, though)
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