August 21st, 2006

my boys


I got in the car today and drove for the first time in three weeks and went to pick up my DOGGIES!!!!! Yay!!! I had missed them SO much, and now it's wonderful seeing their smiling faces looking up and me, and Cholmondeley lying at my feet where he belongs, and Robinson out on the deck with the breeze blowing through his whiskers. When they greeted me at the place where they were staying, they seemed to know instinctively not to jump up or push too hard. They just came gently up and greeted me politely, then barked ecstatically all the way home. When we got home, they pattered around the house for about ten minutes checking everything out; now they've settled down happily. I'm just going to make my lunch of sardines on toast - I'll save the extra sardines for Clio, who is Not going to be Pleased about having her little idyll upset. But the boys can have their routine three lunchtime biscuits, then I think we should all three have a nap after all this excitement.

Interest Collage

Gakked from gillo. This is very cool. They even had a beardie and Franz Bruggen (oursin, now you get to see what he looks like). I couldn't understand who the babe was in one picture until I realized it was Barbara Bach instead of JS, but I quickly fixed that.

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