August 22nd, 2006

my boys

Another Milestone: No More Rat Poison!

I gave myself my last warfarin injection this morning, for which relief much thanks. I really would make a lousy drug addict - there was something about stabbing myself in the stomach with a hypodermic that I really disliked (I wonder why!!). And the warfarin, as I mentioned, has been lowering my blood pressure and making me feel slightly dizzy and a titch asthmatic. I'm so glad that's one less thing now.

In other news, I took Robinson in the car this morning down to Dallas Rd for a run. It was the one place I could easily go and let him out and throw his ball for him. Cholomondeley stayed home; at thirteen, he really doesn't need the heavy exercise his younger nephew still requires, and it's easier for me to handle one dog than two. As it was, I was a bit wobbly with Robs, but we managed okay. I think I'll book a walker for them two or three times a week, though, especially in a week or so when I'm going to have to start going in to the college again.
small mis'able dog


I've reached the episodes in Series 5 where her mother dies. (Surely this isn't a spoiler for anyone, is it? Even I knew this was going to happen...). For obvious reasons, I'm finding these hard to watch. Maybe the hardest were the earlier ones where she was in hospital having tests, because that was SO much what happened to me and my mum. But last night I watched "The Body" and - boy - was that tough. That's what's so amazing about this show - the emotional truth under all the jazz and silliness. I don't think I've seen anything so absolutely right, since the cancer arc in ThirtySomething (except Michael Rosen's Sad Book, which is in a class by itself). Anya's outburst had me with tears just pouring down my face. And Dawn saying "Where has she gone?"... I think I would read a computer instruction manual if Joss Whedon wrote it.

Studio Ghibli Earthsea

I don't somehow think I'm going to be rushing to see this movie. Though it doesn't sound to be as much of a travesty as the now infamous TV movie, here is Ursula Le Guin's response to a viewing of the film. It is, typically, thoughtful, considered and carefully worded, but you can read her disappointment between the politeness. It's hard to watch movies of books you love dearly. I have yet to screw up the courage to see Howl's Moving Castle, and will never forgive Peter Jackson for what he did to Faramir, although he did so much else that was so right.