November 20th, 2006


Work/Life Balance

A link from Scholar'sBlog led me to this entry in the Guardian Blog by author Meg Rosoff. She writes amusingly about "bloody Jeanette Winterson" with her house in Spitalfields (AND, I might add, a place in the country), with minimum furniture and no live-in partner or children. I, too, have often envied Jeanette Winterson her life - she seems to have fallen on her feet in grand style, having Ruth Rendell give her the use of a house on the grounds of Rendell's estate when JW was just starting out, and now buzzing about between the two aforementioned abodes and winter in Capri. I've often wondered how she manages it financially; I know from my days working at a publishing company that royalties rarely pay the bills unless you're JK Rowling or the like. Is she _that_ successful? Or just very good with her money?

I also sympathise with Rosoff's general bemoaning the lack of time to write. One commenter notes drily that you can save a lot of time by NOT reading or writing in blogs instead of getting any work done. Hmm.