December 20th, 2006


Marking Update

I'm about to do the last 280 essay, and I have four more 250 portfolios to mark. Not including a couple that haven't posted them, but I've done their evaluation for all the other work. Tomorrow I just have to add all the marks up. I'm stupid that I didn't load results into an excel file as I go along - I'm always so desperate to get work back to students that I just note the marks and don't do the computer update. My WebCt course is the worst, because it's all in a nasty spreadsheet in WebCt that doesn't convert to Excel easily, so I have to copy them all manually. Ugh. Still, tomorrow I should be done. Hopefully before I meet Dee for lunch, then I can celebrate.

It's been a very productive day, and I'm feeling very good about the 250 course, which is mostly what I've been marking today. It seems to have been a howling success. Yay me.
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cave canem

Further Marking Update

I'm finished. At least, bar the calculations. I feel numb. But it was a very good day's work. Now I'm going to go and watch an episode of Angel, unless the wind blows the power out. I've had some flickers. And I need to wash Robinson's bum. He's suffering from beardie-bum - obviously had a runny tummy after supper. Sigh. Nothing like a very long haired dog with diarrhea.
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