June 17th, 2007

my boys


I've spent the last several days pleasantly in early summer domestic pursuits. On Thursday, I went downtown to investigate a new produce market I had read about in the paper. More of a stall than a market per se, it nevertheless proved to be what could be a welcome addition to downtown. It is run by chefs, who volunteer their time, and all the profits go back to the farmers whose produce they are selling. They had wonderful fresh salad greens, new potatoes, peas, the first green beans, some morels, and some strawberries, though these were more or less gone by the time I got there. I filled a bag with goodies and had a lovely supper that night of fresh salad, morel omelet and new potatoes. Oh, and I also stopped in at an Italian gourmet cooking shop and bought some wonderful olive oil pressed with lime, which makes the best salad dressing.

Friday, I decided to take the D's and do some more veggie shopping in the peninsula, stopping at Island View Beach for the dogs to have a run on the way. I also stopped in at a garden center, with predictable results. On this forage, I came home with strawberries.

I have spent much of yesterday and today in the garden, planting my purchases. My upper bed, under the deck where it gets full sun, is now rehabilitated and finished - I've been planting it with things of brighter colours than those in my main perennial bed. I'm also making pots filled with things both edible and decorative, a mixture of calendula, arugula, coriander, nasturtiums and so on. These will be on my deck so that I can go and snip things when I'm cooking.

The boys snuffled around happily and lazed in the sun. I think I've finally nobbled Robinson, having found and patched the hole in the fence where he was getting out. At least he seemed content (and resigned) today to hang out in the garden with me. Tonight it's more of the market salad, which I shall mix with melon and dress with a nice mix of lime olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and a handful of chopped basil. This I shall serve with baked chicken breast and new potatoes. Yum.