August 26th, 2007



This was thoroughly charming and delightful, as was the company (lidocafe and her daughter). As lidocafe remarked, it was almost old-fashioned in the way it, although it to some extent poked a bit of fun at the genre, kept within the fairy-tale mood and plot expectations. (EDIT sorry this is such a hideous sentence; I don't seem to be able to get my brain to work) Not too many post-modern ironic winks to the audience, either, thankfully. I did find some of the special effects explosions etc a bit overdone. All the little bits were very amusing, from the prince's blue blood, to the guy who gets turned into a woman being so enthralled with his own breasts. And I LOVED Robert De Niro and his band of pirates.

Various trailers appeared before the show, of course. The Dark is Rising, which got me incensed all over again. It was as much as I could do not to leap up and shout "CRAP! TRAVESTY!!" The Golden Compass, on the other hand, looks rather good. Of course being not such a great fan of the books helps, but it looks pretty impressive. And there was Elizabeth, The Golden Age which looks wonderful - Clive Owen spectacularly yummy as Walter Raleigh, but it seems to have many other pleasures within if the trailer can be believed.