December 26th, 2007

xmas beardie

Boxing Day

I slept late this morning, not because I was debauched yesterday, for I was not at all, but just because I could. It feels so good to have time off and nothing much to do in it.

Yesterday was a very quiet day, and I regretted somewhat having refused invitations, as I was rather too much by myself. It's so hard when the Christmas zeitgeist is all about family, and you haven't one. At least not within reach. I have to confess that the bit in the Queen's speech where she sent prayers to those who were alone and in mourning made me cry. Serves me right for listening to the Queen's speech. My mother would howl with laughter - she always listened faithfully but I used to try hard to miss it. We had a tradition that you couldn't open presents until after the Queen's speech, which is fine in Canada when it's played fairly early in the morning, but tough if you're in England :)

Anyway, my dinner on Christmas eve with my friend mkb was very successful. The food was great and we were quite jolly and replete afterwards. We went for a walk yesterday morning, and I actually took the dogs out again in the afternoon because I felt that I wanted to get out. Then I had leftovers and some good sparkling chardonnay and watched Ratatouille.

Today I met mkb downtown for lunch and did a little bit of shopping. I bought a lovely moss green fleece from Valhalla on sale, and some gorilla gloves for dog walking, and David Mitchell's Black Swan Green in hardcover for 6.99 off the sale table at Munro's (which is, as lidocafe has said, proof that God exists), and a calendar for my kitchen and one for my bathroom and one for my office at the college. Oh, and lidocafe - they have Blundstones ON SALE at The Cobbler! In our size!! Or at least more or less - I couldn't get them to fit, but you might be luckier if your feet are a slightly different shape.

Tonight there is an hour-long episode of Coronation St to make up for it not being on for two days, and I still have the second Pirates of the Caribbean from Zip and may watch that, or I might read - I have a great novel from lidocafe to read, and also want to finish the Haruki Murakami that I'm reading now (Norwegian Wood, in case you're interested). My tree is beautiful and the dogs are snoring at my feet now as I write. All is well.