January 1st, 2008

Jansson elf

A few "Bests": seen or read in 2007

It's been a Cormac McCarthy year:

Best mainstream/literary novel: The Road. Runner up: see YA novel

Best movie: No Country for Old Men. Runners up: Once and Stranger Than Fiction (dvd).

Best fantasy/sf novel: Inda by sartorias; runner up: The Virtu by truepenny

Best YA novel (and runner up for best novel, period) Aidan Chambers, The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn

Special category: Best noir (courtesy of the Black Wednesday group) Kiss Me Deadly; runner up The Big Sleep

Next year, I'll do a complete list, as one of my vague resolutions for this one is to keep better track of my reading! I don't post everything, so only remember the really memorable. But I think a complete list would be fun and interesting to me if not to anyone else :)

Start As You Mean To Go On

I probably got it from my mum, but I've always had this superstition that you should do on New Year's Day what you want to keep on doing for the rest of the year. To whit, today I have
  • Taken Robinson for a nice long walk around the golf course this morning

  • Taken both dogs out for a walk in the park in the afternoon

  • Taken photographs and

  • Played with photoshop

  • Done a tiny bit of gardening (noticing in the meanwhile that the hellebores are in bud)

  • Read

  • Played a little Zelda

  • Done some work on my 160 online course, and

  • Blogged!

  • Before bed, I shall also watch a dvd.