March 18th, 2008



As you may guess, having been going along blithely thinking "yay - I'm going to San Francisco - this is going to be FUN," I'm now starting to suffer from pre-conference jitters.

Remembering what tree_and_leaf was doing before her recent conference paper, I was suddenly struck (and this, of course, literally at 3:00 am) by the question - is everyone going to be using Powerpoint? It's not a huge problem, if so, because I'll have my trusty LT with me and can throw something together quite easily. Only question is should I arrange some kind of adapter for my trusty Mac laptop, given that hookups to data-projectors tend, in my experience to be the old printer connections (can't remember the technical term) and not USB... or should I worry, given that this IS, after all, a huge conference in a huge hotel and no doubt they can accommodate me, or should I tip off the moderator of my panel, who did ask if I needed any special equipment... ?????


The last academic conference I went to was in 2001, the Virginia Woolf, in Bangor, and there wasn't a ppt in sight. But things have changed a lot since then.
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RIP Anthony Minghella

via wordweaverlynn comes the very sad news that Anthony Minghella, the wonderful director/screenwriter of The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain, among other works, has died, of a blood clot following surgery.

It's a great loss to the creative film making community.

It's also scary - he was only 54 (two years older than I).