September 13th, 2008


A balm for sadness

Natalie, the woman who runs the daycare/boarding place that I take Robinson, organized a team to take part in a local fundraiser for the SPCA. Specifically, we were raising money for the Wild Arc wildlife rehabilitation center that the SPCA operates here.

It was a beautiful day, and a lovely walk. Because we raised over $1100 for the SPCA, our team won some nice prizes and got our photos taken - maybe in the paper tomorrow! In case we're not, or for those not lucky enough to live here in Victoria, here we are

Team Sirius

That's me (of course) with Robinson on the left, then Natalie and Junior, Natalie's husband Michael with his Irish Wolfhound Fergus, their friend Ray and Ray's dog (whose name I forget).

Clio was an SPCA cat, so today's walk was in her memory.

Oh, and you can see more photo-highlights of the event here.