August 18th, 2010

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Meltdown: Renovation Fatigue is Overcoming Me

I suppose it was inevitable.

It's been more than six weeks in which I've had no living room furniture and have been camping out in a small area of my dining room with one chair, a side table and my laptop, while the living room is piled high with paint cans, dropsheets, a power saw, ladders and so on. All my books are packed away. My study is so full of stuff that I have trouble moving through it, but there are things I need (like my clothes) that are in there. It seems like I can't put anything down without a dropsheet being thrown over it.

Also I've had three consecutive very broken nights' sleep.

And the dogs have been a bit of a worry. Robinson has now decided to develop separation anxiety, and apparently barked so much on Monday that one of the neighbours complained. The two painters who have been working in my place have been very good and helpful and yesterday allowed him to hang out with them while they worked, and he was perfectly happy.

This morning, however, I was invaded by three painters - one I hadn't met before - the contractor and an impending electrician, who was going to need to work in the kitchen, where I had shut Robinson. The new painter was a woman with a butt crack and an attitude as long as your arm, who objected to Robinson sniffing her crotch. When I was asking them if the dogs were going to be okay with all those people, she declared loudly that she couldn't be responsible (which is a perfectly fair statement, to be honest, but it should have been obvious that I was trying to be accomodating, and I really didn't need the hostility).

I wish I was the kind of person who gets angry rather than upset. I would have liked to have said "This is MY fucking house; leave your fucking attitude at the door!" Instead, I had to go outside so they wouldn't see me in tears. My contractor, however, did see that I was upset, which was probably a good thing, because I think he's going to try a bit harder to get things done more quickly. I THINK it's only going to be one more week.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, to be safe, I'm going to have the dogs looked after again until the weekend, and bring them home again on Friday. They may have to go back again next week, but if the painters at least are finished there might be some space created where I can shut the dogs up while other work is being done.

I know it's going to be awesome when it's done. I just want it done soon, please.