the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Today was...

A Good DayTM

In fact, it's generally been a Good WeekTM!

This morning, I had a great meeting with the Distributed Education team, planning our upcoming conference. We're almost done, and it looks really exciting and fun.

Then, I had lunch with kp at "Boxo," a new noodle bowl restaurant, and it was Good.

Then, I went out and spent large amounts of money on five books (two Tales of the Otori - more about these later - and three more YA novels that all look very good), BSG season 3 (woo hoo!!!) and some very shiny new camera equipment. Lest any thrifty souls be wondering about my extravagances, I should point out that I had some money saved that I was going to spend in San Francisco and didn't.

Oh, and I've won some more Photo Face Off Challenges, and I even got three votes in the Brackets, which is a sort of "Super Face Off Challenge" and the competition is Fierce!

THEN, I checked my college mail and got the closest thing I'm likely to get to an apology from the Person who was causing some concern to me last weekend (this Person's quest for better grades or whatever Failed quite spectacularly) AND some other news that is not for public consumption but let it be said that I have a certain satisfaction in the notion that people that I thought were Up to No Good appear to BE Up to No Good and while this is Not Good in certain quarters it does redeem my perception of the way things were going and while I feel bad for the person at whom the negative things are being aimed I'm also rather chuffed to have been Right All Along. And I'm sorry about all these Cryptic Capitals, but I've probably been drinking rather too much Gin.

And then, tomorrow, we have Movie Night, and it's Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I can't wait. And, lidocafe, remember - don't rent it because I own it and will bring it!

And in other news this week, my schedule has been finalized and I have Women's Lit next September which I'm very happy about, and two sections of 150 face to face and 20th century lit online. And it's ALL GOOD.

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