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Question for Facebook users

You know how when you log in you are immediately taken to a page where you see all the "invites" from your friends? So, I see when someone has thrown a sheep at me, or invited me to become a vampire, or whatever.

Is there any way to get BACK to that page from your profile? What always seems to happen is that, say, I decide to become a vampire, and bite a few people, then I want to go back to that original page and check out the egg that someone sent me, and I never seem to be able to! Is it just me?? Or am I missing some sweet mystery of Facebook?

That's the one thing that I really dislike about Facebook, is that it seems to take control in ways that I don't understand. You get swept off your page into some "do you want to do this and that?" and usually I don't, and then I don't know how to do what I want without losing something else. Does that make any sense at all??

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