the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Things I Like

I couldn't resist. Inspired by lidocafe, here is my (incomplete) list

A perfect soft-boiled egg
New bread
The smell of scots broom on a warm day
Light rain
Light gleaming through coloured glass
A single star in a dark night sky
A shy smile
Music in a minor key
The potential for aurora borealis
Planning a trip
Waking on a morning with no work
Dialogue written by Joss Whedon
Swimming strongly through cool water
Letting the current carry you
Cooking for friends
Fresh fish
Sunlight playing on water
Laughing with friends
Freshly cut grass
Walking on the beach at night
Clean sheets
The smell of a centuries old cathedral
Old books
New books
Jewel coloured book illustrations
Tragic stories
The smell of a skating rink
Hawk hovering
Finding the perfect gift
The companionship of a dog
Blackcurrant jam
Really good coffee

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