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Robinson and I just got back from the Beaver Lake circuit. It's 10k, and it took us 2 hours, plus some rest time. This may not seem madly speedy to you, but it's better than the last time I did it, although not the 1 1/2 hours it used to take me BHR (Before Hip Replacement) (and Before Need for Hip Replacement, I should say...). Anyway. I was quite pleased to have improved over last time, and it was a beautiful soft mild afternoon and we enjoyed it.

In the last 3k, we took a small detour down the Owl Path, so called (by me) because you can see owls there quite often. One day a friend and I had been doing this walk and we got caught in a downpour about half way round. She hates cold and wet as much as a cat does; I don't mind as long as it's not prolonged. Anyway, we were on the Owl Path and saw three of them sitting in a row on a branch. I stopped, enraptured, but Dee was desperate to get in from the wet and cold and just said "yeah, right, great, owls. Let's go." We didn't see any for sure today, but I did hear some hooting and I saw something large flying up above the trees that wasn't a crow and looked too fat for a hawk. It might have been an owl (and yes, even at 5:00 in the afternoon - we have one that lives locally that is seen more in the daytime than at night).

Even if there were no owls, there was a baby brown bunny (maybe just as well the owls were not about). And there was much tweeting and twittering and trilling of chickadees and hummingbirds and red-wing blackbird and bushtits and goodness knows what else.

There was also that indescribable astringent green smell of the new leaves.

We are both quite tired now, and I think I am going to have a hot bath before my wine and supper (I have a new white wine to try and a lovely piece of Arctic Char for my supper).


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