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Sunday Excursion

I woke early this morning, and, seeing that it was fine, decided to head out on an expotition. This was given greater impetus by the fact that there are Highland Games going on in the park up the road from me, complete with musket and cannon demonstrations; Robinson would be in a state of nervous collapse with all those bangs in close proximity. So I thought it would be a Good Idea if I bundled the two of us and all my camera stuff into the car and took off for the best part of the day.

We had a lovely expotition. We drove to Metchosin, which lies west and a little south of Victoria, just along the coast.

First we went to Witty's Lagoon

b&w beach scape

You hike down through lovely, open woodland to this beach, which is probably the best one close in (there are wilder and more spectacular ones about an hour's drive further west). The tide was a long way out, and I walked barefoot in the sand for the first time this year.

footprints in time
So did Robinson, though it was not such a novelty for him.

Then, we went into the village of Metchosin, where I discovered a farmer's market and bought FRESH LOCAL ASPARAGUS!!!!!!! What an amazing treat, one that I'm going to enjoy with my roast chicken tonight for dinner.
I also bought a large chocolate chip and peanut cookie to supplement my picnic lunch.

After that, we drove out to East Sooke Park, where we went for another brief hike and stopped for a picnic of hard boiled egg and watermelon for me (plus my cookie) and dog biscuits for Robinson. We walked fairly slowly back, and thence home, where the Highland Games are still going on, but Robinson is so tired he doesn't seem to mind the noise. I've been uploading pictures to Flickr, and will shortly go and put my chicken in the oven before having a nice warm bath and a drink of something cheering before dinner.
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