the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

A Lovely Day

Sunday morning, I woke early, and was out with Robinson by about 7:30, heading into the Saanich peninsula, where I took photos .

todd inlet with boats

We drove across the middle to Brentwood Bay, then back across behind Beaver/Elk Lake and across the highway and round to Mattick's Farm, where I had a very welcome latte and visited the Garden Center. From there, via Blenkinsop and the Red Barn, now under new management and gone trendy and organic (not a bad thing), and where I got a big bag of LOCAL ASPARAGUS!!!!

So home, to fish out the not-local-asparagus from the fridge and make yummy cream of asparagus soup with it for lunch.

The afternoon, I planted things in the new front bed I am making. It's not quite ready for photos yet, maybe in a month or so. I'm aiming for bright but jewel-like colours (not primaries), of purple, orange, bright pink, and so have put in annual bedding plants like cosmos and petunias, and a couple of perennial wallflowers (Bowles Mauve - and I got a nice variegated one) and some blue perennial flax. I wanted salpiglossis, but it seems that no one sells bedding plants of it and it has extremely touchy and demanding seeding requirements (needing to be germinated in the dark and all that sort of thing), and it is too late to be piddling around with anything that can't be dropped into the ground. That's the one problem with an academic schedule - you are always frantically busy just when you should be scrupulously germinating things under black plastic. I'm also going to plant sunflowers (by seed) - it's late, but so warm that they'll germinate practically overnight.

Then it was some Flickr before supper and supper of fresh asparagus and salmon and an episode of Flrefly, which I am rewatching (by the way, there's a whole little article about The Dollhouse in this week's Entertainment Weekly, and it looks like it's going to ROCK).

Bed with clean sheets, very tired, but of course am paying for all that hedonism with insomnia, hence awake now at 4:00 am. Oh well, no "real" work tomorrow, and it's lunch with the Girlzz. Are you in, superfoo??
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