the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

There was no vodka, but there was Calvados

It was movie night (Indie 3, in preparation for Indie 4). Cohosted by Eli (of the multiple couches) and superfoo. Eli promised copious amounts of vodka and rum, which there was not. There was wine and cider and I think beer and a lot of chips and dip and a little cheese and the movie, which I don't think many of us paid a great deal of attention to, and good conversation. It devolved in the end to the Stalwarts - me, lidocafe, Eli and Greg. As all but Eli were preparing to leave at quite a late hour, Eli produced a bottle of Calvados, procured at a roadside stand near Mont St Michel, which he visited last month. This, of course, led to more conversation and reminiscences about France, and the Calvados, which was very good but very potent. Apparently lidocafe is suffering from a bad hangover today. I'm not, but I somehow managed to be not QUITE as tipsy as she and Greg were. It was fun, though. It's not exactly attempting to recapture lost youth - I wouldn't be twenty again if you paid me, although I wouldn't mind my 20-year old body - there's a certain pleasure in doing silly, youthful things from the perspective of one with more... experience. In some ways you can appreciate them more because you don't take them for granted and you've been there before so it's not risking anything. There's a certain comfort level that comes with Age. Does that make sense??
Tags: friends, life, movie night

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