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Sunday Doings

I was up obscenely early due to insomnia, and have already checked in on my flist and played a few crisp rounds of Photo Face Off challenge (so far winning and losing about equally).

What else I want to do today:

Groom Robinson (including ear hairs and toenails)
Go to the Library Go to Garden Center instead
Plant my herbs and tomato, and maybe a few veg seeds.

Make tomato soup
Cook and eat lamb, asparagus and new potatoes (YAY!!! new potatoes!!!)
Change sheets on bed

This may be a somewhat ambitious list. We shall see.

ETA (noon) So far, so good. I've also walked Robinson this morning. I haven't been to the library yet because it doesn't open until 1:00. Soup is waiting to be eaten with whole wheat bread and cheese.

ETA (3:30) No Library. It doesn't open on Sundays between May and September. lidocafe and wendymc would have known this, being more frequent library users than I. So I went to a garden center instead and bought some soil amendment stuff to supplement used potting soil and a few more colourful annuals to stuff into pots. Plan for rest of afternoon is to do some planting, then bath, then drinkies while the lamb cooks.

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