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Meeting and talking at work with a colleague I hardly know. Someone not from my department, but who wanted to talk about using blogs in her teaching. She's a couple of years older than I and it turns out has been travelling all over the world solo for years. We agreed that we'd like to meet and talk again. She has a rather good wordpress blog called "Bolder Women" about her travels.

As I left, hearing some rustling in the wild field that backs onto the parking lot. There, hardly discernable in the shifting shadow of leaf and grass, was the shape of a young deer. He stood there, mildly cropping grass, not bothered by other people walking by and slamming car doors.

Taking the afternoon off and working in my garden amidst the riot of roses and wallflowers and newly blooming peonies. I planted sweet peas and french beans and lettuces and some swiss chard and carrot seeds, and potted up a thyme plant. Robinson rootled around, occasionally leaning companionably against me, mostly just hanging out and thinking whatever doggy thoughts he always seems to be thinking.


Having a scalp massage before getting my hair cut and getting a nice hair cut (nothing new or drastic - just tidying what's there, which is considerably longer than those who met me in England will remember).

Getting the new DWJ (!!!) to read on my holidays.

Choosing thirteen roses from my garden to give to lidocafe's daughter for her 13th birthday (on today, Friday the 13th, auspicious, indeed!) and thus getting to share just a little in the pleasure of a 13 year old girl's birthday.

Buying new new new potatoes from the organic farm sort of down the road and beautiful broad beans.

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