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Happy Birthday, Mum.

You would have been 85 today. It's not a very nice day - not so great for Butchart's or Mattick's Farm, but we might have gone for a drive or for tea somewhere. I would be cooking roast beef for supper (unless we had it yesterday), and maybe we would find some local strawberries, and have them with cream. Then we would have rented a video - for you, probably "Miss Potter" or that one about Jane Austen. The Beatrix Potter one might have made you cross, though, because you were such an expert on her and no doubt they got a lot of things wrong.

There's a new "As Time Goes By" special out on dvd. I might have bought it for you for your birthday! I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch any of those new episodes you ordered for yourself a few months before you died. You loved that show so much - even hearing the theme song would bring me to tears, I think.

The roses in the garden are fully out. You'd be able to see Constance Spry and Abraham Derby from your chair in the dining room, or I could pick a big bunch and bring them in for you. There are about two raspberries ripe - they always are starting to be ready on your birthday, but this has been such a cool spring that they are not quite as advanced as usual.

You know that I lost Cholmondeley earlier this year. Robinson is still going strong, though he is slowing down a bit. He's a bit anxious, too. The woman at the boarding kennels told me that he suffers from separation anxiety - he always was more sensitive than Chums. I miss Cholmondely like stink, like of course I miss you.

You'd laugh. I still make "Grandma with Veg" soup and a beef sandwich every Saturday. I still watch Coronation Street, though not as faithfully. I'm watching this silly show on TV that you would have enjoyed, about a talent search to find Maria for a Canadian production of The Sound of Music. Remember how we used to love America's Next Top Model? We would try to predict the winners, and were hardly ever right. I still look for books for you when I'm at Bolen's or Munro's. There's a new Joanna Trollop out, and a Penelope Lively that was quite good. I wish I could buy them for you, like I always used to.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about you, but of course today I'm thinking about you more. I don't think I'll ever stop missing you.

I'm going to spend this evening with friends, and I'm glad about that, but if any of those RL friends are reading this, they'll know why I might be a little subdued.

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