the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
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Clearing Out

This is the summer I finally get really down and dirty and rid myself of "stuff." I found, after my mum died, that I had to work in stages. There were things that I could clear out right away, then I was able to move things and pack them away, NOW I'm finally ready to start divesting myself of a lot of my mum's possessions. She was a collector, you see, so I have been left with a huge collection of teddy bears, dolls, a lot of china, and of course hundreds of books.

Many of the books I'm keeping, but I will gradually sell or give away a lot of what remains. And that's still a substantial accumulation. Which brings me to the main purpose of this post.

Are any of you Miss Read fans? My mother loved her, and owned all of her books, many of them in hardcover, some in Penguins. I have given a few away to one of mum's friends, but I still have a lot. I would far rather they went to someone I felt I knew, even a little, than just sell them. So, if anyone is interested, drop me a comment and a contact method and I'll send you a list. If any of you wants one or more, I would give it to you and be happy it was going to a good home :)

Next category: mysteries. I have almost the entire Ruth Rendell ouvre, up to 2005, including the Barbara Vines. I also have Margaret Yorkes, and others. A few P D James. Possibly some Reginald Hill, though I may keep them. Some Josephine Tey (duplicates of ones that I own). L.R Wright (Canadian). Some of these are hardcover first editions, and I'm afraid that venality in that case has to win out over affection for you lot, but there are also a lot of paperbacks which I'm happy to give away. Again, all inquiries welcome.

Any chance that any of you is a closet fan of Rupert Annuals?? I have fifty of them...

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