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Musical Letters (meme)

From owlfish

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List 5 songs you like that start with that letter
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

I found this surprisingly difficult - not to FIND 5 songs, but to whittle them down to 5! I will publish my "runner-up" list below...

1. "The Weakness in Me," Joan Armitrading. I love Armitrading's strong lyrics, beautiful mellow voice. I was listening to her in China, and this song, with its story of forbidden love and "slow music" bluesy tune, resonated with me.

2. "We Don't Need Another Hero" Tina Turner. From the same vintage; in fact this became another anthem for me while in China. I remember going to see Beyond Thunderdome in the theatre, and this song comes on over the opening credits with white titles on a black screen. I remember going "woah, great song!" Tina is one of my heroes anyway. This was just before "Private Dancer" gave her her "comeback" - did she ever go anywhere?

3. "We'll Meet Along the Way," Hem. Now for more recent stuff. Gorgeous harmonies, smooth melodic line, lovely voices. I bought the first Hem album and thought they were sweet but a little dull. This single off their latest is wonderful, one of my ipod faves (asakiyume and sartorias, I think you would like this)

4. "Waltz No 2," Elliot Smith. The film club and lidocafe introduced me to Elliot Smith and I've been listening to him a lot. I love the contrast between the romantic, close harmonies and the sometimes quite harsh lyrics.

5. "Winter," Joshua Radin. His is my favourite album right now, and this is my favourite track on it. Radin is a favourite of ... whatsisname, the Scrubs guy who did Garden State and chose such an awesome soundtrack for it - I think I found him on his itunes playlist (I obviously remembered his name, then).

"Willow," Joan Armitrading
"Wood River," Connie Kaldor
"The Water is Wide" by anyone - I have a track on the Lilith Fair album, sung by a bunch of female luminaries from the tour, which is beautiful.
"Where Have all the Cowboys Gone," Paula Cole
"Whatever You Want," Vienna Teng
"Wierd Divide," The Shins
"Whisper," A Fine Frenzy

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