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I am making progress on my massive clearance project.

My mother's wheelchair went out the door on Saturday. I advertised it on Freecycle and had two responses by the end of the day. I can't be sure that the person who took it is really going to use it for someone who needs it and not just sell it, but I guess that's the chance you take. At least it's gone from my basement.

I'm almost finished sorting out what is going to be thrown out, what sold in a garage sale, what taken to a local auction, what kept to be sold on Ebay. The little room in the basement that was my bedroom while I was looking after my mum is now filling up with things to be sold; it's beginning to look like a little antique store. There are some books in there that I'm not going to sell - once I've cleared out stuff in the basement proper, I'll buy some inexpensive shelving and put the books for Ebay or Amazon* in there and move my own overflow into some accessible shelves in the basement.

I have the Canadian Diabetic society, who collect for Value Village, coming tomorrow, so have been focussing yesterday and today on clearing out some household items and clothes - things that I think are unlikely to sell at a garage sale, but don't want to throw away. I might give them some books, too.

The rest of this week I'm going to finish piling up all the throw-away stuff in my driveway, then have my nice junk removal guys come and take it all away.** Then I can think about having a garage sale.

Some of this is a kind of "meta" clearance, because often all I seem to be doing is creating storage space for things of my own that I want to store. But I think if I end the summer with only one "level" of stored stuff, and no more stuff on top of other stuff, I'll be content.

*I think I'm going to try selling some of my discard books on Amazon. It is easier than listing them independently on Ebay, which would involve photographing them all and uploading things. For Amazon all you have to do is type in the ISBN and boom, there you are. This is for older, but still desirable, books that I might not get much credit for at a used bookstore, and in fact may be able to get more money for than I would otherwise. Dunno. I'll try it and see if I get any takers.

** I am going to close my eyes to the fact that much of this could and probably should go to various recycling depots rather than all in one load to a junk collector. However. I am going to recycle styrofoam and electronics and paper and anything else that I can fit in my blue boxes. If I tried to sort everything else out I'd be here for another couple of years.

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