the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

That's a Lot of Views!

While I wasn't looking, my Flickr site passed 25,000 views. 25,006 to be precise, at last login. And by an extraordinary coincidence, it's my Flickr "birthday" today. I uploaded my first photo on July 10, 2005. Here's what's on my homepage right now:

Chinatown Vignette

For those who know me in RL, this was taken on the day I had lunch with the grrrlz at M'Ole and we walked through Chinatown. I'm still uploading a few shots from that day.

(and if anyone saw this post the first time, when I referred to 25,000 as a quarter of a million - thank you for being kind enough not to point out that me brain iz ded)
Tags: flickr, photography

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