the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

A Delightful Afternoon

I had lunch today with lidocafe and her charming daughter, and it was good :) Then we wandered over to visit superfoo and marri at their place of employment and hung around making a nuisance of ourselves and bought some yummy cleansing things. Then we bought ice-cream. Then we wandered down to the harbour and went shopping in a silly things shop for birthday presents and I bought the most charming wind-up penguin that I'm going to use in my bath. Oh, and I also purchased morel mushrooms and salad greens and spinach and baby zucchini from the produce market in Bastion Square. It was all extremely pleasant.

The only slight cloud on the horizon now is that I came home to discover that Robinson has a swelling on his lower jaw. It doesn't seem to hurt him, but it obviously worries him a bit. The vets took it more seriously than I did and made an appointment for us this evening - I'm taking him over there shortly. I doubt that it's anything too serious - he may have been stung by a bee. No doubt I shall empty my bank account once more though (good thing it's payday tomorrow).
Tags: friends, pleasures, robinson, shopping

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