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In Which I go on a Marvellous Expotition

This is what I was doing at about 11:00 this morning

Kayak's eye view of Fisgard Lighthouse

I went out kayaking today with my friend sheilap and her partner Jo. It was amazing. We put in at Esquimalt lagoon and went on about a 4 hour paddle through Esquimalt harbour. We stopped for lunch at Cole Island., a historic site that I had hitherto not known anything about. I am very very tired but extremely proud of myself that I was able to sustain that amount of activity and hold my end up in the paddling.

En route, we saw a multitude of wildlife, including ospreys hovering, looking for prey, herons, a turkey buzzard, a kingfisher, oystercatchers, Canada Geese, lots of other sea birds, seals and a deer and its faun. There is pictorial documentation

Here is a baby seal - it's not as sharp as I would have liked, but you get the idea

Baby Seal

These are the ruined buildings - the remains of a Royal Navy munitions storage area - on Cole Island

Cole Island

Mum and baby

Doe and Baby

Fisgard Lighthouse, with Olympic Mountains in the background

Fisgard Light with Olympic Mountains

As you can see, it was a blazingly beautiful day. My cheeks are warm from the sun and I'm buzzing with bliss. It was a wonderful time.
Tags: adventure, friends, kayaking

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