the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Alphabet Meme

gacked from wendymc

Every letter a question

A is for age. A certain :)
B is for Burger of Choice. I like a good fat beef burger with bacon and cheese; the Canoe Club's is good.
C is for Car. Gold Suzuki Aerio.
D is for daughters. Sometimes I think I'd like to have one - I envy others theirs.
E is for essential item you use every day. My Macbook!
F is for favorite tv show. Still Buffy.
G is for groceries. Grocery shopping is one of my pleasures. I love going to specialty stores and buying yummy organic veggies or great bread and then eating it.
H is for how often you embarrass yourself. Too often. I am too outspoken and often kick myself.
I is for ice cream. I'm not actually a huge fan, though I like soft ice cream on a hot day.
J is for juice. Pineapple, or tomato.
K is for kids. Sadly, none.
L is for Lipstick. Don't wear it - I hate the taste, anyway.
M is for Mexican food. Not my favourite cuisine.
N is for number of piercings. One in both ears and two in one ear - three altogether.
O is for Optometry. Have worn glasses since I was about 10 years old and contact lenses since I was 18. Also had cataract surgery in one eye about 10 years ago and have early stage glaucoma, so eye-care is an issue for me.
P is for People You Were With Today. Lots of nice fellow dog-walkers and tourists down on the Westsong.
Q is for Quiet Time. I relish it. Even though I live alone, I like time to think or to enjoy nature.
R is for Biggest Regret. Not leaving home as soon as I possibly could.
S is for sports you play. I don't really "play" sports, but I walk a lot and swim and kayak and I used to figure skate.
T is for tattoo. None, though I have been tempted, if it wouldn't be too silly for someone of a certain age.
U is for what is unique about you. I dunno. What makes any of us unique? Myself.
V is for Vegetables you Love. I'm a big fan of all veggies, but I particularly love asparagus.
W is for Worst Habit. Probably procrastination and worrying.
X is for number of x rays. Lots, especially what with my bad hip(s) and all.
Y is for Yummy Food you ate today. Beautiful piece of fresh salmon cooked with lime juice and mustard and butter, and a salad fresh from Madrona farm, with local blueberries in it and a home made buttermilk and herb dressing.
Z is for Zodiac. I am a classic Aquarius.

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