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Your Call is Important to Us

I'm in the throes right now of organizing a new furnace and some fencing. It's taken almost the whole summer just to get someone to come and give estimates, and the last three weeks or so have been intermittently punctuated by long periods of waiting for workmen or waiting for the phone to ring.

In the midst of having my furnace inspected yesterday, with plans to get a new, fuel efficient natural gas one instead of my current huge oil guzzler, it was discovered that I have a small leak on my hot water tank. This meant spending more than half an hour this morning waiting to talk to someone in India who would then phone someone in Victoria and order a service call. I miss my old telephone that I used to be able to tuck between my ear and my shoulder and leave my hands free. It's difficult to work on a laptop with only one hand...

Fortunately, my water-heater was built in 2001 and has a 9-year warranty :) But why do crises such as leaking water tanks always erupt in the week before school, or in the first week of classes?

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