the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Got the too tired to think so I think I'll do a meme blues...

The surprisingly difficult (given the wide ranging interests and expertise of my wonderful flist) book meme, courtesy of chickenfeet2003

List 10 books you have on your bookshelf that you think nobody else on your friends list has on theirs.

David Gascoyne, Early Poems
David Gascoyne, Opening Day
H.D, Palimpsest
Tela Charlottae ETA (yes, this is Charlotte's Web in Latin)
The Studio Year Book of Decorative Art, 1906
Caroline Glyn, don't knock the corners off
John Verney, Friday's Tunnel
Puffin Annual #1
Vergil's Georgics I and IV, edited by H.H. Huxley
E.A. Wallis Budge, The Gods of the Egyptians wordweaverlynn has this one!

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