the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Season of Mists

When Robinson and I went for our walk at Mt Doug this afternoon, the top was shrouded in mist. Our walk in the forest skirts takes us uphill, enough that by my turning point I could see the mist curling in the tops of the trees high above me. We didn't walk to the summit today, not only because it would have been damp and cold and slippery and there would have been no view. I was a little nervous of meeting Grimnir and the Morrigan up there.

In the lower reaches of the park, it was softly cool and damp but not unpleasant. It's still very green. Even though it's a mixed woodland of maple and pine, the maples are only just beginning to turn. Usually we've had enough frost by this time of year to shock them into colour, but not so far. The green was luminous today, but that soft grey-green that you get in damp and misty weather, becoming greyer still as the trees faded into mist. I love the smell of the woods after rain. Our footsteps are soft, and it's very quiet. Sometimes I'd get lost in thought and look up to see the path and be briefly disoriented, with no sense at all of where I was. At times like that I more than half hope to turn a corner and find myself ... elsewhere. One day perhaps.

Now, we're home, and Robinson is snoozing at my feet. I think I'll light a fire this evening - perhaps the last before I get my gas fireplace installed at the end of the week. I'm planning a second Thanksgiving dinner tonight - it was all so good that I'm ready to have it again. I've put my winter duvet on my bed and have good books to read and music to listen to. Mmmm. I like autumn.

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