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Weekend Linkitudes

My posting has been remiss, lately. I hope to have something exciting to post about tomorrow, and I'm planning on signing up for Noblomo... whatever it is (the blog one, not the novel one). Meanwhile, have some links:

Jeanette Winterson on Sarah Palin. She writes that having Palin would be like having Mrs Winterson in the White House, and that Pentecostalism takes all the nastier bits from the Old and New Testaments and turns them into tenets for life. Yuck. As if anyone needed any more reason not to vote for McCain (do not fail me, US friends!).

From hernewshoes via wordweaverlynn, Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are TA's. This is brilliant.

From arcana_mundi The Little People Project. Would that I were in London and could stumble over one of them...

Most of you don't know that I collect bookmarks (no, not delicious ones, real ones, the ones they call "marquepages" in France). Here is a wonderful resource that I could get lost in. Thank you to david_de_beer for the link.

Oh, and in other news, my ultimate guilty pleasure, ultimate comfort read, Mercedes Lackey, has a new Valdemar book coming out. It looks to be exactly like all the rest (mistreated, misunderstood hero is "chosen" by Companion and makes good) but isn't that what ultimate comfort reads are all about?
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