the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Tabitha is Enchanting

In which it is discovered that

- Tabitha would prefer to share my breakfast porridge while I am eating it, but is happy to lick the bowl afterwards.

- Tabitha is an expert at the one-paw-full-cartwheel, the sideways mouse toss, the reverse mouse toss, the upside-down-couch-hang, and, of course, the full hallway dash. She has also discovered the slipperiness of wood floors (good for sliding into first).

- It is very difficult to brush one's teeth when There is a Kitten in the Bathroom Sink.

I am also pleased to report that she walked by the room where Robinson was confined behind a baby-gate without turning a hair and, in fact, she and Robinson spent some minutes gazing at each other about two feet apart. I was only just able to catch her before she launched herself over the gate into Robinson's waiting paws. I think this relationship may be going to work out.
Tags: pets, robinson, tabitha

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