the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

The Berlin Wall has Come Down

Robinson and Tabitha have now touched noses, and are both loose in the house. Tabitha has a baby gate across the door to "her" room, so she can run into it if necessary and also to keep nosy dogs out of her litter box. Her food's in there, too, at the moment, though I may move it onto the kitchen counter in a while, when I'm quite sure she and Robinson can be left alone together.

Robinson is lying peacefully in his bed beside mine, while I sit on my bed working. I don't know where Tabitha is - probably in a sink somewhere. She seems obsessed with taps. She has looked in the doorway a couple of times but seems unsure of passing in front of Robinson (wise kitty).

I suspect, though, that given half a chance, Ms T is going to be one of those cats that likes to taunt dogs. This morning, just after the momentous nose touching, she was lounging on the edge of the kitchen counter while Robinson stood at my feet below her. One paw waved casually down towards Robinson back... I told her sternly that she was being very unwise, and that fur batting on such short acquaintance was not quite the thing. I could tell, though, that she was thinking very seriously about jumping on him.

I suspect my household is going to become quite lively.
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