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LJ Dreams

I had my first LJ dream last night (ie a dream featuring LJ) in which oursin posted that she had been reading the childlit mailing list group and had encountered a very interesting member on it who was an LJ user and who had become a "friend." She was urging all of the people on her flist to "friend" this person. I don't remember who it was, except it wasn't Philip Pullman (who does subscribe to childlit, but I don't know if he's on LJ...). This seems, afterwards, unlikely - uncharacteristic of "oursin" I think to proselytize for another user, for one thing - but made me think about the differences between these two groups and why I vastly prefer LJ.

I continue to read childlit mostly for news about books and authors. I find the discussion of books there frustrating, and discourse is touchy, often whiny, frequently deteriorating into flamewars. In this past year, for example, there have been long pointless flamewars about the war in Iraq, Bush's response to the flooding of New Orleans, whether or not we should wish people Merry Christmas (this was just before Xmas 2004), and about spoilerage over HP6. Someone on the list let out big spoilers about 12 hours after the release of the book and then refused to apologize or even recognize that he/she had done anything wrong. Long arguments ensued. There are "famous authors" on it, such as Philip Pullman and Jane Yolen. This can be a liability, however, if one wants to say rude things about their stated views on other authors or their books.

I still long for somewhere to get into really meaty discussions about books - I think it happens; it doesn't seem to happen for me yet. Perhaps I need to build a bigger flist :) I probably need to post more and comment on more people's posts, because it does seem to me that the kind of discourse I'm looking for _does_ happen here...
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