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My Bed is Covered in Large Feathers

I bought Tabitha a toy yesterday: a wicker ball with feathers sticking out of the top. She played with it happily yesterday evening, and this morning I gave it to her to distract her from attacking my fingers on the laptop (I was trying to finish the fine points of a large DE presentation I'm giving this afternoon). It took her about four minutes to get the feathers out of the ball... I shall have to take them away from her, as I imagine they can't be terrifically good for her, should she eat one. (I'm surprised at how non-durable the toy was, considering it was made by Kong).

We've reached a point in the household now where I can have both animals in the same room and Tabitha can play while Robinson snoozes. Occasionally, T does something silly and arouses R, and I have to intervene. She is usually adept at finding a place to get out of his way, but could sometimes be cornered. I've been very stern with R about this - I don't want him to feel unloved, but she's only a baby, and I'm very determined that we should have a household with all equal members. Clio was different, because she was an established mature cat when Robinson first met her, and she never took any shit from him, though as she got older she did become somewhat leary of him. Anyway, at the moment, I'm confident things will work out. The door to "Tabitha's" room (my spare bedroom/study) has a baby gate on it so that she can escape to it, and I separate them or shut one of them up when I can't supervise their interactions (like when cooking, or if I REALLY have to get some work done).

I don't have time to take, process and upload pictures right now - I'm sure I'll take lots this weekend! Tabitha is going to the vet shortly for her shots and things. This may be interesting.

By the way - did you see my made-of-awesome icon? curtana made it for me! (thank you!!!)
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