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Time Change

(nablopomo 2) I don't know why people always seem to complain about the time change, though less this time out than in the spring, when there is whining about loss of sleep. I like both; I like the feeling in the fall one of the nights drawing in and tucking in the house for winter, and I love the anticipation in the spring one of long evenings in the garden and warm summer nights. In the fall, it's always so luxurious to wake at 7:30 am and feel as if I'd slept in (though there was some impatient rustling from Certain Quarters who thought that it was way past time for breakfast and an early morning romp).

In other news, I found and was able with great difficulty this morning to rescue Tabitha's favourite mouse toy from the almost-impossible spot behind my desk where she'd deposited it. She is at this moment working very hard to stop me writing this; she's not quite succeeding, but is slowing the process somewhat. She was startled this morning to see one of the neighbour's cats, Moxie, out the kitchen window. Moxie sat on the fence below the window and Tabitha stared down at her, apparently dumbstruck.

It's a rainy day, so I may get my marking done without being tempted to go and plant bulbs in the garden. I'm going to make a pot-roast for dinner - another indication of fall/winter coming is my move to start making warming casseroles and curries and other spicy things, though I think I'll save more culinary discussion for another post.
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